About Me

Life is precious and fragile.  There are only a few guarantees in life. You are born, and you will die.  What you do with the time in between is for the most part up to you once you reach adulthood.  My job as a photographer is the best.  I get to capture those moments in between birth and death.  I get to preserve the memories you create so that others can treasure them with you while you’re alive…… and celebrate you when you’re gone.

My name is Doug, and I’m a professional photographer. I am a graduate of New York Institute of Photography and a member of Professional Photographers of America. (PPA) I hope to use my training and love of photography to take you along on a journey, a journey of life; the good and the bad. I want to make a difference in people’s and animals lives, to help, to teach, to inspire.  I hope you will follow along on my journey.

Doug Molly and Star at Pismo Beach California